8 Best Places to Get Married in Spain

Get Married in Spain

Spain has some of the most beautiful and romantic places in the world. Some of these breathtaking places include Gothic cathedrals, churches surrounded by the ocean and sitting on top of cliffs, breathtaking backgrounds of the setting sun and more. Couples from all across the globe choose to get married in Spain with its Mediterranean climate and the sea dancing in the background. Here is the list of the 8 Best Places to Get Married in Spain.

8. Almiral de la Font

Sitges, Barcelona- This is a popular wedding destination located in a national park. It is a romantic villa from the 16th century that has been restored. It is surrounded by a beautiful a 1000 square meter garden and the the house resembles a basilica with stone trim.

7. Playa de Bolonia, Cadiz on the Beach

Many weddings take place with the dancing ocean waves in the background and this is certainly one of those places if you are looking to have a beach wedding. This beach has so much natural beauty with its crystal clear waters and fine white sand. With the setting sun in the background and the sounds of waves crashing to the shore make the perfect romantic place for a wedding.

6. Hotel de Londres

Grand Canaria IslandsThis hotel offers a classical style with bright modern touches. The hotel rests on the beach with 4 guest lounges. In the beautiful ballroom overlooking the main La Concha beach is where the wedding reception take place. If you are planning to have a lot of guests, then the hotel can accommodate 220 people for a reception.

5. The City of San Sebastian

This beautiful city can be found resting in the Basque country of Spain’s north coast. There is a mild climate here year-round. In the Old Town area there narrow cobbled lanes and street stalls. Buildings display architecture of a lovely art nouveau style. The nightlife is alive in the city and there are hotels, B&Bs, and other lodging for wedding guests to stay.

4. Cortijo Rosa Blanca, Coin

Grand Canaria IslandsThis place is located close to neighboring villages, but it offers the wedding party and guests serenity and peacefulness. Breathtaking scenery from the valleys surround the area with gardens of Roses, Lavender, Jasmine and Lilacs. Guest accommodations include pool, bar, dining areas and much more.

3. Meliá Salinas, Lanzarote

There are quite a few of Spanish wedding venues to choose from that include real time beach weddings, sunsets ending the day, tropical ambiences and much more. This fine hotel is located on the Grand Canaria Islands offering so much natural beauty. It is surrounded by beautiful palm trees.

2. El Xalet de Montjuic Restaurant

This beautiful place can be found resting on a hilltop in the southwest side of the city of Barcelona. Your wedding party and guests can enjoy a gorgeous panoramic view of the city. Sagrada Familia cathedral is located close by. There is a quite large terrace that is able to support up to 450 wedding guests so if you are planning a large wedding, then this the perfect place.

1. Castillo de Santa Catalina, Malaga

This is one of he oldest cities in the world. It is here you will find historical magic, ancient Spanish corridors, astonishing dream-like gardens, the Mediterranean sea, the southern sunset, and many terraces. There is no better place to have a romantic wedding than in this city.