Spain Gift Giving Customs

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Gift giving varies tremendously all over the world. In some cultures, it is considered rude to give someone a gift and then not have the gift immediately reciprocated. In other cultures, immediately reciprocating after a gift is considered rude. Lots of the customs surrounding gifts are going to contradict each other. This makes it even more important for people to pay attention to local customs involving gifts, since there are certainly no universal rules. Obviously, all Spanish people are going to vary. The idea of universal gift giving traditions even within a particular country might be somewhat suspect. However, there are at least certain customs to keep in mind when it comes to giving gifts in Spain and with people from Spain.

Personal Gifts

People who are invited to the homes of others in Spain need to be sure to bring chocolate, wine, or some sort of dessert item as a token of gratitude. It should be noted that people who are interested in giving personal gifts at Christmas should acknowledge the strongly religious nature of Christmas in Spain. It is less common for friends to give personal gifts during the Christmas season for that reason.

Sending flowers for very special occasions is common, but they should specifically be for special occasions only. It is also a good idea to give flowers in odd numbers, except for the number thirteen. Most flowers are going to be welcome on special occasions, except for chrysanthemums, red roses, dahlias, and white lilies.

If a host has children, then it is important to give gifts especially for the children. Something small but still noteworthy should usually work. Most kids are going to be happy with most presents, but the presents for them still need to be beautifully wrapped. In Spain, having presents that are wrapped beautifully is very important, even more important than it is in other parts of the world.

Wedding Gifts

Some people are going to be thrilled by the relative simplicity of wedding gifts in modern Spain. In many cases, modern Spanish people just want money at their weddings. Making simple account transfers from one account to another is actually fairly common at Spanish weddings. The cash gift should total at least seventy-five or one hundred euros. However, other than that, people are going to be able to save a lot of time and energy on wedding gifts at Spanish weddings. This is a time of practicality for people in this country.

Business Gifts

In Spain, people do not exchange gifts during initial business meetings. However, once the most successful negotiations are completed, there might be an exchange of gifts. It's important to make these gifts high-quality, of course. However, it is just as important to avoid making them seem too extravagant. Otherwise, people are going to be in a situation where other people assume that they are being bribed. Giving gifts with a personal company logo is generally going to be frowned upon, and people should avoid doing that in general.